Friday, October 25, 2013

Ut På Tur

Nøgne Ø Ut På Tur was brewed to symbolize what a Norwegian forest stands for. This beer is based on the God Jul recipe and was brewed for the European Beer Festival in Copenhagen 2008. Ut på tur is matured with spruce and blended with 25% wild forest cranberry (Tyttebær) and uses Lambic (brettanomyces fermented) yeast.

The appearance and look of this beer was appealing,somewhere between a Nøgne God Jul  and their Imperial Brown Ale. Dark brown to mahogany in colour, quite a large caramel head. Did get some spruce but I more associated this to the citrusy of the hops not knowing that it was matured with spruce during fermentation. Lots of roasted caramel, possible some red berry which is where the Tyttebær come in. Spicy, dark fruits, herbal and malty, to be honest both the aroma and taste were quite hard to put a finger one as it was quite a mix of sweetness, spice, sourness, citrus

Initial taste was of a very sweet brew, the mouth feel was very creamy and filling so it probably was not as sweet as I experienced. Can also be that the sweetness was from the malt and it had nice tones of coffee and chocolate. Did I like it, well I was not 100% sold on it, would prefer to have tried it again after I now know more about how it was brewed.  Always great to try such experimental brews and especially as this was such a rare and next to impossible to get Nøgne beer.



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