Friday, October 25, 2013

Vic Secret

Nøgne Vic Secret IPA is a new IPA from Nøgne Ø from the Summer of 2014 and is a single-hop IPA brewed using a new Australian hop called Vic Secret.

Cloudy yellow in colour with a nice fluffy off-white head, this IPA looked very nice and like it was meant to be, West Coast. Hazy with lots of sediment and yeast in the bottle of the bottle that did not bother me. Aroma was in my opinion lots of pine and citrus fruits and did not get any peach that many people have talked about. To me it had a very West Coast aroma like a Green Flash West Coast IPA.

The flavour had also lots of pine and bitterness, very dry and bitter finish that did not appeal to my taste buds at all. After taking a few mouthfuls I decided to read the label again and to my surprise I found the culprit, 100 IBU ouch. Beside the pine and citrus there is some grapefruit and not ripe pineapple on the taste. A very good example of a West Coast IPA but a way too bitter and dry for what I liked to drink. 


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