Saturday, November 30, 2013

Imperial DunkelWit

Nøgne Ø Imperial DunkelWit is a very strange brew that is difficult to pin down and describe how it really smells and tastes, I liked it a lot but was one of the very few Nøgne beers that I can remember where the alcohol stuck out.

Belgian style strong ale at 10% that had a dark brown colour with a massive, light brown head. Not a lover of coriander so it was difficult for me to tell if this beer had a lot of this or not, to me it had a very herbal hops aroma. Aroma was both herbal and flowery, some caramel and sweetness to it, taste was very rich and filling with lots of alcohol, sugary and spicy. Plums and raisins I got also in the aroma and when tasting this beer, fruity esters and lots of roasted grains. Quite a bitter taste, very complex with lots of flavours to this beer.

If I break down the spiciness in this beer there probably is some orange peel in there which works well with the raisin flavours. Did not expect this beer to be so hoppy which it was in a herbal hippy sort of way. The heavy body and high alcohol that does not balance out makes this a difficult beer to drink and if also a puzzling one as it has some much flavours that are not the norm.


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