Monday, September 21, 2015


Nøgne Ø #1001 a Belgian spiced porter was brewed by Nøgne Ø to celebrate their 1000th batch of beer brewed at the brewery. This beer has 10.01% alc which is pretty cool and also an IBU of 50 and is a dark beer with spices. The 2nd in this series inspired by 1001 Nights and packed with exotic spices from the Middle East.

The aroma was puzzling me in the beginning, was I drinking a porter or a stout and it really developed into stout like characteristics as it adjusted to the room temperature. As with #1000 the aroma was amazing which is always a good start, packed with bitter dark chocolate, tobacco, leather, dark fruits and some hard roasted espresso there.

The flavour on this beer is really nice, rich and creamy and packed with stout to Russian Imperial Stout qualities. Sometime it feels like a really nice porter also and has lots of dark chocolate, dark roasted malts and coffee in the taste. Funny enough I did not get any spices coming through here beside some vanilla. This is a beer that grows on you and not like #1000 the smaller bottle is best here. Nøgne Ø have brewed many great stouts in the past, this beer is stout like but completely different in aroma/flavour profile than the others and that is really cool.

To sum up, the #1000 & #1001 are both great and I will end up buying many boxes if I can, and makes a great Christmas present to those who appreciate great craft beer.


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