Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dark Horizon 2nd Edition

Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon 2nd Edition is jet black in colour with an espresso brown head that quickly disappeared as the alcohol took over. The alcohol in this beer is very dominant both in the aroma and the taste, but getting around this there were some deep dark aromatic tones to enjoy, dark roasted malt, dark ripened fruits and some burnt character. Very powerful in your face aromas of coffee, with dark prunes, raisins and possibly a hint of dark bitter chocolate. Alcohol here is always there waiting to shake your whole body but did seem to get less after the initial sips.

The beer tastes a lot like the aroma it gives out, alcohol, dark roasted coffee and barley. A thick and filling taste that went down really well with the chocolate desert I ordered and would never have been able to get through this beer without, chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and blueberry ripple sauce. For such a high alcohol beer I likes the aroma and depth of this beer but probably preferred the first edition more and don't remember the alcohol being such an issue.



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