Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dobbel IPA

Nøgne Ø Dobbel IPA is actually the first ever Nøgne Ø beer I tasted and this was back in 2008 when it was first release and I fell in love with this beer and the brewery. Since then I did manage to taste this beer late 2009 and now again in 2011 and unfortunately the beer is not the same as it was the first time I tasted it as expected. In 2008 I would have rated this beer very highly but now 2 ½ year on, it has changed an awful lot and unfortunately lost a lot of its hops character being a 100 IBU beer.

Very murky amber chestnut brown in colour and still had this amazing beige head even after a few years with and aroma/flavour that were very much the same, malty, bready, some fruits like raisins and figs. Just a pity that the 5 hop variety is now well mixed into this malty toffee juice. Strong caramel and toffee aroma and flavour with some hops character still remaining but more towards resin from pine. Very rounded in body, medium and very easy to drink which probably comes from the malty sweetness that is left, definitely well past its prime but still delivery in some ways.

"This limited DIPA or W-IPA (as it is referred to in Japan) is the result of a collaboration between brewmasters Kjetil Jikium, Nøgne Ø, and Toshi Ishii, Yo-Ho Brewing, Japan." Toshi Ishii has built a strong legacy in craft brewing worldwide. He learned American brewing philosophy with Stone Brewing years ago and has taken that experience overseas with him to complement the rest of his brewing knowledge. He brought the art of cask-conditioning into the Japanese pub, and became a strong proponent of West Coast hopping.



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