Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dugges Sahti

Nøgne Ø Sahti is a style of beer that is not the norm so to speak and a joint venture with Dugges a great Swedish brewery. Strange idea, a Norwegian & Swedish brewery decides one day to brew a Finnish style of beer. Aroma had a lot of honey, some spices and yeasty, not your typical beer aroma but also a lot of typical wheat beer character. Bready, malty and some yeast thrown in. The taste as with the aroma is mostly about the honey here, very overpowering it was and added a full body taste to the beer. 

As the beer was brewed with 3 different yeast strains, this also appeared both in the aroma and taste. The yeast from Belgian was the one that was most dominant where I got some banana and nice spices. At 11% the alcohol is next to impossible to find due to the heavy sweetness of the beer. Always nice to try a new beer style, unfortunately this one is not my favourite style but all in all a nice beer to try.



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