Friday, November 8, 2013

Red Horizon

Nøgne Ø Red Horizon is one of 3 beers in the latest Horizon series (Red,Sweet,Dark) and I have heard lots or review about the other 2 beers being very sweet so I decided to try this one first. Red Horizon is an intriguing brew. It’s brewed with a sake yeast from Masumi Sake of Nagano, Japan, making this possibly the first beer to be made with something other than your traditional beer or champagne yeast.

The whole packaging here is very impressive and I am sure the content of the bottle lives up to this, poured a reddish orange color with a little white head that disappeared very quickly. Coming in at 17% I expected the head to not last long and the legs and lacing on this beer to be wine like. Everything about this beer had me thinking barleywine, the initial aroma had some alcohol in it along with some orange fruits and spices. The alcohol was there but not in your face and this beer took me quite a while to “sip” it all down, not that I was complaining as it gave me more time to discover this beer.

Some malt in the body but here again the alcohol was on the palette, more tropical fruits and spice, quite a lot of apricots. The malt gives off some nice sweetness, possibly some molasses here also along with plums, all stone fruits I can get here, I just love this beer. Mainly because it is sweet, fruit, like a barleywine and because of the high alcohol a great sipping brew and the balance between sweetness, fruitiness, alcohol and taste is just perfect, the cognac of the beer world!


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