Saturday, November 9, 2013


Nøgne Ø Quadrupel Red Wine Barel Edition has been aged for 20 months and is a strong beer at 15.5% This beer was great and is very complex with the initial aroma of dried fruits followed by strong winey tones and finishing off with some dark chocolate.

Dark mahogany brown in colour with a light cream coloured head. The Aroma is really good and very potent with lots of red wine, raisins, oak, almond/marzipan, vanilla, coffee and caramel. Very nice aroma but quite a boozy beer to drink, it tasted sweet and syrupy with more red wine and dark fruits, plums and dates. A rich and powerful brew that needs to be enjoyed in very small doses with some great dark fruits and wine tones. It is warming and full bodied with layers of flavour and probably one to cellar to tone down some of the alcohol, I loved it.


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