Thursday, November 7, 2013

Roasted Pepper Ale

Nøgne Ø Roasted Pepper Ale is another new small batch beer to come of the brewing line after the very successful India Pale Larger, which is super good. Was very sceptical to drinking anything with pepper in it, and boy was i wrong here and will soon be trying my hand at brewing such an ale in the future. Belgian Ale in style, this beer has a very nice appearance, sweet aroma with some nice peppery tones to it. Very easy to drink ale and goes great with food and I do not mean a pepper steak.

Golden to amber brown in colour with a slight off-white head that was large but not over carbonated in anyway. The roasted black peppercorn is all over the aroma, some fruitiness from the Belgium yeast strain. Quite fruity in aroma also which hints some sweetness here that the yeast seems to have brought out from the malt. The pepper aroma is great, not at all like smelling black corns, the roastedness make it more sounded and not as stingy as one would expect, touches of caramel and toffee.

Orange peel along with spice that makes this a nice autumn beer and a great pairing to food. Sweetness of the malt, mild hoppy bitterness keeps this beer well balanced. Was expecting the pepper to be more in the aroma but the roasted pepper was noticeable from beginning to end and not burning or hot in anyway. Wish I could buy a box of this ale like I did with their latest pilsner and rye porter. What is it with Nøgne these days? You seriously have gone up a gear here with you latest new and crazy beers. Nice to see this Norwegian Craft brewing horse is free again to run wild and brew what they do best.   


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